No fog on the tyne

I’m digging in to the archives here, going back to 2012 and 2013 when I spent some time in Newcastle Upon Tyne with the day job.

As I type, my fingers are freezing cold.  I think it is about -2 degrees outside which is roughly the same temperature felt on the Quayside late in the evenings to capture some of these shots.  The Quayside in Newcastle is the area just on the edge of the city centre sitting along the bank of the River Tyne, and although it’s not a huge area there is plenty to see and do.  I think I counted no less than 7 bridges in half a mile although someone may correct me on that fact.  The centerpiece of all of this though has to be the Tyne Bridge.  I would imagine that there isn’t a photographer in the North East who doesn’t have at least 100 images of this structure somewhere on their hard drive, so I tried my very best to do something different.

tyne bridge

Tyne Bridge at sunset with lots of colour

The image above was taken later in the afternoon as the sun had disappeared behind cloud on the horizon.  A touch of fancy processing really brought out the colours in the sky as well as the bridge itself.   The red swing bridge can also be seen below the Tyne Bridge.

So, having taken a shot from directly in front of the bridge, in this case it was taken from the middle of the Millennium Bridge further down stream, it was then time to find another angle and this meant a few steps more across the river to Gateshead.

tyne bridge gateshead sage

The Tyne Bridge seen from the Gateshead Sage arts building

The Sage Gateshead is a fantastic looking building on the bank of the River Tyne, but no time to stop as there were more interesting angles to find yet!

If you keep following this blog or have seen my photos elsewhere on the net you’ll know that a favourite style of photography for me is long exposure at night.  That usually means city scenes and car light trails, so of course it was time to climb up to the Tyne Bridge for a new shot.  It must have been rush hour by now so there was no end to the traffic passing me.  Time to position up and get low on the pavement before waiting for the right vehicle to pass.  Buses rarely fail to provide plenty of light streams.

Tyne Bridge at night

Light trails on the Tyne Bridge

The shot above isn’t perfect, but the best photos shouldn’t be perfect.  Perfect means following the rules, and rules are boring!

I’ve saved my favourite until last, and having been in front of, to the side of, and on top of the Tyne Bridge it was now time to get back over to Newcastle and get below.  Dean Street is the street that drops you down from Newcastle city centre to the Quayside Close and I took up position at the very bottom outside the Redhouse pub, a boozer with tons of history!  The Tyne Bridge was now above me and the sky was considerably darker.  There’s not as much activity in the area as there used to be, but I knew a taxi wouldn’t be far away and I wanted more light trails.

tyne bridge

Street lights below Tyne Bridge

I hadn’t planned to catch all of the traffic lights, but it happened and I think the result is great!

Newcastle is very cold in the Winter so that was enough images for one evening.  Time to head back to the hotel for some ice cream!

If you’d like to see more images of Newcastle and the North East of England check out my facebook page or google me.  All images are for sale as prints or canvas.  Best rates if you message me directly of course.

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