Making headway in Medway

The day job took me to Kent this week, and I’ll probably be spending more time there this year.  It was my fourth visit to Kent in the last 9 months and I’m finding more and more gems to capture at the most Northern points of the county, but still need to go exploring more.  It’s still freezing cold, and the sun sets before I finish work so right now isn’t the best time to do it.  Fingers are crossed for more work there in the Summer.

Today’s blog is mainly going to focus on Chatham, the old maritime town in Medway, where I spent an hour wandering around the marina after dinner.

A quick bit of fact fun before the images!

Charles Dickens lived in Chatham.  Lee Ryan from Blue went to school there.  Chatham Historic Dockyard is a big tourist attraction in the area, and has been used as a backdrop for the filming of Call The Midwife, Les Miserables, Sherlock, Mr Selfridge and Oliver Twist.  It has THAT kind of feel when you’re there.

Since the dockyard closed in 1984 the area has been redeveloped with the inclusion of an outlet shopping centre, cinema, Dickens World and The Quays towers alongside the marina as seen below at night.

Chatham Marina

The Quays at Chatham Maritime Marina

The image above was taken from St Mary’s Island which is being used for housing and connects to mainland Chatham by the bridge below.

St Mary's Bridge at night

Bridge to St Mary’s Island Chatham

Heading back over the bridge meant I could get in the shadow (well it was night time so no real shadow) of The Quays and photograph back towards St Mary’s.  Some of the boats were lit up by a parked car’s headlight:

Chatham Marina

Boats at Chatham Maritime Marina

And a simple turn to the right, on the spot, picked up these 2 boats – Kent and Barking:


2 old boats at Chatham Marina Kent

That was quite enough for one evening, wearing fingerless gloves at freezing point.  The car was parked a few metres behind me so I went to seek some warmth.  Talking of warmth, here’s one of the images that came from my last visit to Kent, this time a sunset walk on Whitstable Beach.

whitstable kent

Boat at Whitstable beach

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