Phone Photography

Shoot me down if you like but I’m gonna say it…. I PREFER TAKING PHOTOS WITH MY PHONE!

As much as I love a big fat DSLR in my hand, and all of it’s amazing capabilities, I just love the convenience of having a small camera in my pocket at all times.  It can be whipped out at any time, and with my phone particularly ( the Sony Xperia ) it can create some amazing results!  Fair enough, it’s not going to produce a masterpiece but who wants a masterpiece when you can have fun?

I’ve always always said that it’s not about the equipment, it’s all about the user.  If you have an eye for an image and a finger capable of pressing a button then you’re going to get results.

More and more I’m finding that I’m leaving my DSLR in my bag when out and about and taking photos just for fun.  After a few years of frowning upon instagram I decided to join up recently and it’s fantastic on there!  I was expecting to see hundreds of crap photos of breakfasts, lunches and dinners with crap filters but ohhhh I was so so wrong.  There is serious talent on that site and I want a piece of that!

If you’re on instagram feel free to follow me!  User handle there is dangleberrydan7.  Instagram initially gave me dingleberrydan7 which I was happy with but upon googling the name I discovered there was already a Dan Davidson using that as his twitter handle.  There is no way I could sleep at night knowing that another Dan Davidson may one day wish to join Instagram only to find that some Welsh idiot has nicked his name… TWICE.  Oh and if you don’t know what a dangleberry is, or dingleberry for that matter, please don’t google it.

Back to the point, phones take great pics.

For those of you who use Facebook, I have created a group simply titled “Phone Photography UK”.  Go and find it and request to join.  We’d be chuffed to have you.  In the meantime, have a look at a few snaps below taken recently with my Sony Xperia, and don’t forget to find me on Facebook too – dandavidsonphotography

Herne Bay Beach Huts Collage

Herne Bay Beach Huts Collage


Air France flight at Gatwick


Stik London in Shoreditch


Breaks at Llanelli Beach


Instagram square shot and filter used on Herne Bay Beach

Brides and guides Pt 1

It’s been a while and I apologise to both of you who follow me.  My silence has been silent and I promise to make it up to you.

Right now though, I’m back and ready to rock.  It’s been a crazy few months, loads has changed, and I’ve pushed the photography in a completely different direction; this time towards weddings.  Weddings have to be the scariest, dauntiest, challengiest things to capture as a photographer and I’m diving in feet first.

This Summer I am so lucky in that I have a few special friends who have put their full faith and trust in me to deliver their big day back to them in the form of gorgeous photo memories.  I am not ashamed to say that I am bricking it, but I’ve spent a LONG time preparing and feel pretty bloody confident that I’ll get the results that everyone wants.

Prep really is key!

First step – get a camera and learn how to use it.  I kinda did this years ago so that was easy enough (just took a few years)

Step 2 – buy a wedding dress and practice with it.  Yeah… I bought a dress but it’s still in a bag.

Step 2b – attend a Wedding Portfolio Builder day with The Trained Eye, just North of London.  4 brides, 2 grooms, 3 venues, decent weather, and the rest is up to me.   That’s what this blog is about; showing you the results of the day.  First of all though we need to look at Step 3.

Step 3 – learn how to process images from Step 2b.  This took a while!!

Step 4 – plan ahead for everything that could go wrong.  Double up on cameras, lenses, cards, batteries, and anything else that could fail on the day.  Done that.  Let’s do this!

So, back in March I went along to South Bucks to spend the day with 2 great tutors in Kim Hawkins and Jodie Chapman.  Both had different styles, but very modern, very on trend, and it was all about using natural light which is what I love doing.  I hate artificial light, but maybe I don’t understand it enough just yet.  For now, I’m happy to use what nature gives me.

We started the morning with Jodie, and our lovely model Aree.  The setting was Hedsor House.  Results are below:

The Trained Eye

Aree at Hedsor House

Hedsor House


Wedding photography

Creamy tones

Next it was a break with jaffa cakes and water, then outside in to the Spring sun to work with Samantha and Kim:


Samantha at Hedsor House gardens

Samantha 2

Samantha and grand tree

Samantha 3

Samantha at the door

This took up most of the morning and was pretty hard work.  I don’t have the most expensive, most professional camera, but it’s not all about the equipment and I think I got some great results.  The best camera and lens that anyone has, is the one in their hands.

By this point of the day I was hungry, and as I’m typing this I’m hungry.  We all went to the local pub for some much needed refuelling, and right now I’m going to head off for the same.

Keep an eye on the blog for Pt 2 which will be about the afternoon, spent with 2 couples…. well 1 real couple and 1 couple who were pretending but were very good at it 😀