Storm Brian

What a stupid name.  All storm names so far have been stupid.  If we have to go alphabetically, Storm names should be as follows:


Big Barry


Dan Davidson







King Louis









Uganda’n Policeman

Victor Meldrew

Wonder Woman


Yoga Extreme


Are you actually still reading this rubbish?

Here’s some pics I took last Autumn during Storm Brian.  If you’re a child reading this, please don’t try to take similar photos as it was pretty dangerous being on the seafront and by this particular bit of harbour wall.  If you’re an adult reading this; whatever, I’m not your mother.


Storm Brian Black and white


Storm Brian Porthcawl


Storm Brian Porthcawl


Storm Brian Porthcawl


Storm Brian Porthcawl

It’s quite rare that I get an opportunity to go back to Wales these days, but when I do I like to take advantage of the views and the good weather… or really bad weather in this case.

The advice that day really was to stay well away from the coast, and a webcam had been set up at Porthcawl lifeboat station so that we could view the storm from the safety of our own homes, but I wanted to go and see for myself.  My mate, Fil, came with me.  Stupid and reckless, maybe, but I never felt in any real danger.  For info, I can’t swim and have a fear of drowning, so would never have taken a massive risk anyway.

I think the results are decent here and really shows the power of nature, the sea, the weather, when it decides to put on a show.

My advice is stay indoors though.  My boxer shorts took a few hours to dry out after these were taken even with heated car seats.

In total contrast to this, I then headed to Cardiff 24 hours later and captured these lovely images of Bae Caerdydd, or Cardiff Bay.


Mermaid Quay and the Pierhead Building

37176835044_738696b030_b (1)

Wales Millennium Centre

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Plenty more to come on the blog in 2018 including a recent visit to North Wales.  I think I’ve already blogged about Snowdonia last August, but I returned for a 24 hour road trip to cover astrophotography in them thar hills, and to explore the coast of Anglesey including South Stack Lighthouse and Ynys Llandwyn (there’s a chance I’ve not spelt that correctly).


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