Christmas Sarnies 2018 – Aldi Edition Pt 1

It doesn’t have to be all about photography does it?  I don’t know if there are rules on this sort of thing, but as I’ve not posted on here for about 5 months (as per usual) you should be chuffed with anything at all.

For shizzles and giggles, I’ve decided to review every Christmas or festive sandwich that enters me mush as we close out 2018.

This doesn’t mean I don’t have any photographic content worthy of coming on the blog!  In fact, I probably have more than ever, and especially now that I’ve got a drone, but that can wait.  Christmas only comes around once a year.  Let’s get started:

Retailer: Aldi

Name: Turkey Feast on Malted Bread

Price: £1.69

At first glance, this gives the appearance of a festive sangrich, in its red packaging, decorative holly print trim, and being on the shelf that says “Festive Sandwiches”.  My suspicions were later confirmed upon eating it.

Costing a mere £1.69, expectations would be low, but Aldi have succeeded in producing a sangrich that could easily demand retail prices of £1.80-£1.99, so you’re getting great value for money.

The malted bread holds the deep fillings well, without being at all soggy despite it currently pishing down with rain.  There is evidence of 2 meats here – turkey and bacon, but where is the sausage?  Absent.  This is doubly sad when you consider that it has come from the home of the bratwurst; Germanland.

Today though, we can overlook the overlooked wiener and instead appreciate the strong peppery punch of the pork and sage stuffing with a naughty slip of fried onion and slathering of cranberry chutney.

This tastes like Christmas in November and at close to half the price of the Marks and Spencer equivalent, I think this is some strong competition for the former lord of the lunches.  Combined with Aldi’s own brand of “Red” energy drink for 25p and their version of a chocolate, caramel and nut bar for 29p, you’ve a lot of change coming back from that dodgy 20 quid note in your back pocket.  It’s worth noting that Marks and Spencer have teamed up with Shelter again to help tackle homelessness, but of course there’s nothing stopping you buying other sandwiches are still donating a few quid.

There are rumours of a Specially Selected Aldi version of this sandwich which has received high ratings, but your reviewer was only able to find the brie sarnie from that range today, so as Arnold Schwarzenegger once said “I will return soon”.

In summary, very nice, affordable sangrich.

Score 7.8 out of 10.  A strong start from the seller of fishing rods, chainsaws, baby gates and fresh veg.

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